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I don’t know what’s worse: when I see reptiles I can’t afford or when I see ones I CAN.




I forgot to do an update yesterday. She is eating a lot better now. I’m catching her venturing from her usual hide and basking. She also shed yesterday, which I’m guessing (and hoping) is a good sign. I’m going to buy crickets soon and see if she will eat one on her own, though I have a feeling that she won’t. I’m going to dust the crickets and blend some in a blended and mix it with her formula.

Hello! c:

A possible reason for her not eating is the light. Leopard geckos are nocturnal and frequently get irritated by extra light in their cages (including red heat lamps). Some morphs are more sensitive than others (especially albinos and enigmas).

A much better heat source is an under-the-tank heater with a thermostat. Leopard geckos require belly heat——I keep my temps at 89-92F, but some people prefer to go as high as 95F for ill or recently rescued geckos—— in order to properly digest their food. They aren’t really a basking species. c:

It’s also approaching brumation season. Not all leopard geckos brumate (it’s hibernating, but for reptiles), but some will. Signs of this are decreased appetite and sleeping a lot.

Hope this helps and good luck with your little rescue!

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More photos of my cutie. I’m considering some Nintendo names at the moment… Bowser, or Yoshi? Or something off the wall like…DRAGO? Haha… But still on the fence. And what if it’s a girl?! Still no name ideas there yet. :] Patrick, my tuxedo kitty, really likes staring at him/her… O_O I plan on getting more for the tank, but at the moment that’s all I can afford. I’d rather not even say how much I spent on these items, as I almost couldn’t pay for it. XD Phew…

Hello, friend! Congrats on your new pet! c:

Speaking as a fellow gecko fancier with money problems, I’ve come across a few good ways to decorate a tank and not have to put my wallet on life support.

Amazon sells small exo-terra hides for around 4-5 dollars each. You can also pick up some fake plants for about 2 dollars, or go to a dollar or craft store for silk and plastic plants. I’m also a big fan of using reptile hammocks. Young geckos especially love them.

Empty kleenex boxes and toilet paper tubes also go over pretty well with geckos. You can also use rocks from outside so long as you disinfect them properly. Some types of branches are safe too (just be sure you collect wood from safe types of trees that weren’t treated with pesticides).

I’d also strongly advise you to get rid of the sand. Take a look at your gecko’s fingers; that’s about how wide their intestines are. They’re really easily blocked by bits of sand (especially calcium sand). Not only that, but it also irritates gecko eyes with dust and can cause respiratory illnesses. Just use paper towels or slate tiles instead. c:

Under-the-tank heaters are more effective with leos than a heat lamp. They require belly heat in order to digest their food properly and, as nocturnal animals, light generally just irritates them. A thermostat is required with UTH’s though. I use hydrofarm (usually around 30$).

I hope all of this helps!

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Happy fall from Sparx!! He’s a bit grumpy cause he’s shedding a few spots :)

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Leucistic Potoo or Bird Furbies?

Neither! :D These are actually tawny frogmouths, which are closely related to the potoo.

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a snake wearing a top hat and mustache that is all

ah mr sneky,i see u r wering ur fance top

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i don’t trust asexuals because their brains are not distracted by the matters of the flesh.

where is all that brain power going.

i bet it’s going to the overmind, where they are gathering strength to consolidate their hold over the world


you know too much.

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Weigh Day

Amp: 27 grams

Draco: 613 grams

Echo: 80 grams (I think I’ll be waking her up every other week just to do a quick check)

Ngarehu: 419 grams

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